Chengdu LianAn Technology (Beosin) – Smart Contract Security Audit
Overview: Dedicated to maintaining security of the blockchain ecosystem, Beosin has completed more than 500 smart contract audits and has discovered more than 10 types of vulnerabilities. Supported by a solid background in formal verification and independent R&D, Beosin has developed the “one-button” smart contract formal verification platform – VaaS, supports multiple public chain platforms including EOS, ETH, Fabric, etc. Up until now, Beosin has established strategic partnership with more than 40 domestic and international blockchain companies including Huobi, OKEX, ONT, Qtum, WanChain, Bytom, QuarkChain, and Math Wallet. Beosin is one of the first companies that have been listed on the smart contract audit recommendation directory of Etherscan. In the meantime, Beosin also won ‘Best Security Audit Partnership’ of OKEx, audit reports completed by Beosin are accepted by known organizations all over the world.

Audit Procedure

Please contact: (7 x 24 hours)

Audit Item

Serial NumberAudit Item
1Function Call Authorization
2apply action handler
3The use of system API
4Security of inline/deferred action
5Event response
6Integer overflow
7Random Number Generator
8RAM consumption
9Logic implementation
10DoS (Denial of Service)
11EOS coding standards